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Make it happen, 
elegantly & timelessly

12 Years,
Visionary Progressive.

Established in 2006, MNA International Group, was created on the innovative vision of Mounif Nehmeh, a Lebanese entrepreneur with a passion for design, construction, development, and business. Partnering with a leading Kuwaiti Holding Group, they founded MNA Construction, a general contractor for the development and construction of industrial, commercial, institutional, civil and high-density residential projects.

Maintaining his own international design and building practice, Nehmeh turned this new venture into a prestigious landmark for project construction based in Kuwait and Milan. With his increasingly illustrious track record and the continued delivery of refined projects, the company was fast to achieve an excellent reputation throughout the Arabian Peninsula thus imposing itself in the upscale market.

Over the years, MNA group has evolved into a multi-disciplined corporation with a diverse portfolio of activities including design and engineering, projects construction, interior contracting, trading of construction materials, and smart building system. MNA International Group continues to grow with ongoing operations in Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Italy and South of France

Who we are

I had a vision in mind.
Vanguard was my lead,
Globally environmental footprint my aim.

Guided by a vision to combine tradition with technology, MNA has always forged pioneering paths. We ventured into the market, setting high goals and tailor made parameters. Architecture is generated by people’s needs– including both material and spiritual visions– but it is also increasingly built with a consideration of the natural lines and climatic context surrounding it. We want to build something beautiful, lasting and in harmony with the natural elements around it.

Accordingly, exceptional designs and their successful execution are central to our approach. MNA offers a unique one-stop solution to all construction and engineering requirements. Our construction department brings the architect’s vision to life, with capabilities bolstered by a talented team that does its utmost to surpass client expectations. In-house coordination ensures a smooth flow of the design and construction process.

With such a dynamic approach and strong aesthetic sensibility, MNA is constantly keeping pace with new developments in the field to offer you the very best. Our focus is to produce the highest quality of work with innovation and ingenuity in order to bring to life your concept and highlight the beauty brought in by natural resources neighboring the property.

President's Message

Building a solid reputation engulfing international standards through policies and business practices, we realize that clients have two conditions in mind: a timely final result and the cost. It is with such considerations that we embark in every meeting with our clients. At the end of the day, we’re here to make things possible, using the best means there is.

My heartfelt gratitude goes to all those who have stood by us since the days of our inception and continue still to believe in the infinite capabilities and vanguard vision that the company and its teams stand for. Your support and unwavering faith has always been, and will continue to be, a driving factor in MNA’s pursuit of excellence.

President's Message

Mounif Nehmeh


In 2014, MNA International Group has entered into an exciting Joint Venture Partnership with prestigious Italian company Interspazio.
Interspazio was born in 1997 from the initiative of Samir Majzoub, a far-seeing and versatile Lebanese entrepreneur, who faced the challenge of creating a new formula of flexible and dynamic “laboratory.” Such laboratory would tune in on the Spirit of Time, to adapt and meet society’s new needs and desires. Interspazio was born as a blazing forge of ideas, projects and furnishing solutions resulting from the merging of design and the creative zest; the uniqueness of Italian buon gusto combined with the latest technologies and a great experience in craft industry.
Interspazio’s success has been the offer of a contracting service to meet the most complex interior design needs from planning to logistics, from creation to installation thus guaranteeing high-end quality throughout the whole process: creation-fabrication-installation. A wonderfully complementary match to the skills provided within MNA International Group.




China State Construction Engineering Corporation
In 2016, MNA International Group has entered into an exciting Joint Venture Partnership with CSCEC
The CSCEC was founded in 1957 as a Chinese state company; the country had an international profile building heavy industry and infrastructure in Asia, Africa, and the Middle East. The predecessor company opened its first overseas office in Kuwait in the late 1970s. The company broke from its regionally confined work pattern when it entered the U.S. market in 1985, opening an office in Atlanta. The U.S. subsidiary began by building housing developments with joint venture partners before undertaking its first sole development, Lantana Lakes, a 107 acre, $27 million complex of 42 homes, in 1987 in Jacksonville, Florida.
Working in both domestic and overseas markets, CSCEC has now grown into China’s largest construction and real estate conglomerate and contractor of building works. It is the main construction company in developing countries and the top homebuilder in the world.